Benefits of Being a CultureOwl Self-Publishing Member


There are so many marketing tools available to you on CultureOwl. The platform was built by professional marketers who saw a need for marketing nonprofit cultural organizations at “nonprofit” rates. The CultureOwl marketing platform offers robust, yet intuitive tools for promoting events online, through digital ads, email marketing, and social media–all from one dashboard. We know that nonprofit organizations deal with complications like regulations, legal concerns, and mandatory funding requirements; CultureOwl is dedicated to making the marketing process easy and affordable. Complete Upload Instructions guide you step by step through the process so even first-timers can do it like pros! And we are always available to lend a hand when our members need assistance. However, if a member does not have the time or resources to upload and manage their assets, a managed account is an option for a nominal fee.

A Member at Any Level Receives:


Developing a culture-oriented audience is our mission; it’s what we do. We put our members in front of a cultural audience who opted-in to receive emails from us to learn about upcoming events. We know who they are, where they live, what they like to do, and that they have the disposable income to do it. Even large organizations find it difficult to reach this targeted audience in a cost-effective way. All the know-how, effort, and expertise that goes into building that prime audience is available to members with just a few clicks.


Our Annual Self-Publishing Memberships are packed with assets to help our members promote their programming as cost-effectively as possible. If members use up their asset package, additional assets such as banners, escoop (email) inclusion, social media boost, etc., can be purchased at a discounted member rate. Banner ads run throughout the website and on escoops that go out twice a month to our opt-in followers. Both banners and escoop inclusions are scheduled through the member's dashboard, pulling information from the event's calendar listing. CultureOwl regularly promotes members through paid social media; we are an approved Facebook Content Creator and can run co-branded ads.

CultureOwl also features an e-magazine that is based on an annual editorial calendar that focuses on specific genres (e.g., a Theatre Issue, Dance Issue, Music Issue, Museum Issue, etc.) Members who participate in the emag also benefit from CultureOwl's own promotion of each edition.


CultureOwl’s proprietary platform was developed by top-level marketers who understand the importance of performance analytics. How much does each view of an ad cost? How many impressions overall? What’s the clickthrough rate? These questions are always on the mind of marketers and CultureOwl has the answer built in.

When you schedule a banner or co-promote your event on social media with us, you receive data through your dashboard. You also see how many people “liked” your event. If you need a more comprehensive report, you can create an asset report within a certain date range and all assets that ran during that time will be detailed on a downloadable report with analytics. It’s like having an entire marketing department right at your fingertips.


The Cultural News section of the website features editorials from all genres. We receive dozens of pitches for editorial coverage every day; although CultureOwl is not a “pay to play” portal, we do give our members priority. When we look for content, if it fits our focus and our editorial team feels it is content our users will want to read, we’ll cover it. And we’ve added a new ‘Industry News’ section that covers the business-to-business interests in our industry.


We promote our members' events on social media every day. And we get creative with the posts – one day might be a carousel of upcoming music events, while another might be a walkthrough video of a museum. When we include a member’s event, we tag them for added exposure. Our social media team is constantly working to optimize our reach and targeting, based on people’s likes and lifestyles.


A CultureOwl Membership gives you easy access to multiple markets from one dashboard. The brand is spreading throughout the United States with new markets scheduled to open soon. All virtual events uploaded to the platform appear on each calendar across all markets.


CultureOwl’s proprietary software was developed from scratch, focusing on the specific promotional needs of cultural organizations. Based on years of marketing expertise, we built in components such as search engine optimization to maximize reach and return on investment, and analytics for sound media buying decisions. The site is constantly tweaked and updated by our talented tech team. New features are added regularly with the needs of our members in mind.

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