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When it comes to publicizing your upcoming event, you'll want to cast a wide net to ensure it becomes a memorable fusion of culture, art, music, and community. A successful event hinges on the effectiveness of its promotional efforts. If you're an event organizer on the hunt for cutting-edge strategies, you've landed in the right spot. Let us be your guides on an exciting journey through the ever-evolving landscape of event promotion, and discover how CultureOwl brings a toolkit of potent tactics and techniques to the table. Get ready to amplify your event's visibility and transform it into a truly exceptional experience! Get started now!


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Art of Black

Based in Miami, Art of Black offers a fantastic occasion to honor artists, exhibitions, and artistic endeavors showcased both locally and internationally. It showcases remarkable creations inspired by Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, and beyond. At Art of Black, visitors can delve into the stories of these visual artists and gain a fresh outlook on Miami's dynamic and distinctive artistic scene, deeply rooted in the Black diaspora, and  immerse themselves in a celebration of art and culture.


As a division of  the large Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau, The Art of Black connected with CultureOwl to gain awareness amongst the wider community. Itself a promotional effort during the very busy Miami Art Week, the challenge was to draw an “on the ground” audience to a group of events that might  be overlooked in favor of the heavily promoted international art fairs and make the entire week a more inclusive experience.


Through conversations with Art of Black and our extensive experience in the art industry, we were able to create a promotional campaign to address their concerns. The  focus was on a campaign of banners, social media and email blast to drive traffic in their direction. Many of their partners work with CultureOwl year round and our platform allows those partners to integrate their efforts as well, doubling the value for everyone.


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Here at CultureOwl, we have a toolkit of effective promotional strategies to meet the needs of your visual art event. From museums to galleries to art week fairs, we have built effective promotional strategy outlines- check out our top 4 strategies below! 


Top 4 Ways CultureOwl Helps Promote Visual Arts Events 

1. Targeted Email Marketing 

To boost attendance at visual arts events, we're implementing targeted email marketing campaigns aimed at visual art lovers. We take our email campaigns to the next level as we are able to access our registered database of CultureOwl users, who personalize their profiles to match their interests and preferences. By tailoring our messages to their genre preferences, we can maximize engagement and encourage more people to attend these cultural experiences.

2. Cultivated Visual Arts Database 

Here at CultureOwl, we are dedicated to cultivating a vibrant community of visual art lovers. By partnering with respected museums and galleries, we've built a robust database of art enthusiasts. These individuals have shown an interest in attending these events. This collaborative effort enhances event attendance and allows for event promotion directly to the target audience. 

3. Visual Arts Promotion Page

Our Visual Arts Page is a gateway to a wealth of artistic experiences.This page is a turnkey marketing platform supporting the arts. Opposed to community boards or event calendars, we do actual targeted and marketing curating to a targeted audience. We promote visual arts experiences directly to our users, providing a seamless experience for those looking to attend visual arts events. From museums to galleries to art week fairs, we support a wealth of visual art events to  And, stay tuned for our dedicated Miami Arts Week page, coming soon with all the latest information and event links, making it easier than ever to immerse yourself in the art scene. (Get links for these)

4. Artist Profile Editorials

CultureOwl showcases artists through engaging editorials and news coverage, all complete with links to the artists' webpages. This valuable editorial space provides an excellent opportunity for artists to promote their work and gain publicity. We're here to celebrate and support artists and their process, allowing culture enthusiasts to discover new talent and immerse themselves in the ever-evolving visual arts landscape.


Promote your Event with cultureOwl

Promoting your event with CultureOwl means tapping into a wealth of promotional tools built into a proprietary platform designed to maximize your event's visibility and success across multiple markets. We're here to help you make your visual art events a great success. 


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