Promote Your Theater Performance with CultureOwl

elevating your theater event promotion with cultureOwl

When it comes to promoting your upcoming theater event, your goal is to cast a targeted net that ensures a memorable fusion of theatrical culture, art, music, and community. The success of your theater event can hinge on the effectiveness of its promotional efforts. If you're an event organizer seeking cutting-edge strategies specifically tailored to the theater world, you've come to the right place. Let us be your guides on an exciting journey through the specialized landscape of theater event promotion, and discover how CultureOwl offers a toolkit of powerful tactics and techniques for the stage.


Case Study: gablestage theatre

Since 1998, GableStage has been producing quality theatrical productions that encompass themes and ideas relevant to the multicultural South Florida community at Coral Gables’ historic Biltmore Hotel.  GableStage is the recipient of 64 Carbonell Awards, a prestigious South Florida theatre award, with over 200 nominations and received the Ruth Forman Award for major advancements in the South Florida theatre scene.GableStage is 135 seats, so a small, intimate theater. They have a loyal following and are highly regarded within the theatre community evidenced by the high level of award recognition. Their productions are produced at a high technical and artistic level, and are renowned in the South Florida area and beyond.


As a theatre company with a smaller house and the budget challenges that go with it, GableStage connected with CultureOwl to help expand brand awareness throughout the local culture scene and reach new audiences. 


GableStage values CultureOwl for its capacity to broaden their consumer base by connecting them with individuals actively seeking their offerings. Moreover, they greatly appreciate the seamless multi-channel collaboration that our platform facilitates, ensuring brand consistency—a critical advantage for staff juggling a myriad of tasks to sustain a theater's operations. The inclusion of editorials is particularly valued, as it goes beyond reviews, adding depth to audience knowledge.

How We Help Promote theater performances in Your Area:

1. Targeted Email Marketing

To promote at theater events, CultureOwl implements targeted email marketing campaigns aimed at theater lovers. CultureOwl has the unique ability to take these targeted campaigns a step further through utilizing information provided in the account preferences users who have displayed a keen interest in attending theater performances. By tailoring our messages to their preferences, we can maximize engagement and encourage more people to attend these cultural experiences.

2. Dedicated Theater Promotion Page

Here at CultureOwl, we've gone beyond the typical event promotion calendar and created a dedicated theater page on our portal, allowing theater enthusiasts to explore a wide range of offerings based on location and other key factors. Not only are we promoting the entire theater calendar, but we're also offering specific genre-based promotion to cater to different tastes and preferences. 

3. Social Media Promotion

In our effort to draw more attention to theater events, we're making use of social media promotions with a localized pitch. By targeting specific counties and using radius-based targeting, we can reach interested theatergoers more effectively. We're also delving into lifestyle targeting to connect with individuals who appreciate different theater experiences, and effectively catering our posts to align with their various interests. Interested? Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn!

4. Editorial Promotion

CultureOwl's editorials can play a crucial role in supporting theaters. Grant applications place a high emphasis on both event attendance and outreach when dispersing funding. Our editorials are a valuable opportunity to help increase attendance and outreach, indirectly assisting theaters in qualifying for grants. By understanding the interplay of these factors, we can better support the thriving theater community and ensure financial sustainability.

Promote your theater performance with cultureOwl

Promoting your event with CultureOwl means tapping into a wealth of promotional tools built into a proprietary platform designed to maximize your event's visibility and success across multiple markets. We're here to help you make your theater performance a great success.




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