Analytics: Turning Data Into Dollars

analytics displayed on a tablet

Marketing professionals rely on Data Analytics as a way to gauge whether their marketing campaigns are on the right track and to make decisions about many aspects of marketing including budget and creative choices.

Using CPM to Make an Informed Decision

A marketer always wants to know the most cost-effective place to invest in promotion. How much does each dollar spent to get in terms of visibility? That information, or data, is key. When budgeting for a marketing campaign, the more data you have about what works, the better. Decision-making gets easier when you are utilizing technology as a marketing tool and have data that back up the decision. If you know that your cost per thousand impressions or CPM is $10 on one platform and $50 on another, the decision is easy.

Very important, and key to this decision, is confirming that you are getting in front of the right audience based on demographics. Once you know that your ad is being served to the right target group, it’s just a matter of getting the best bang for your buck in terms of CPM.

Look at the numbers

How many "eyeballs" does each dollar invested provide you? Marketing results in the past were hard to quantify. In today’s digital world, information is available in real-time. When a prospect clicks on an ad, you know about it immediately. If you are running several ads to the same target market, it’s easy to see which one performed better so you can use that one in the future, optimizing your campaign and getting the lowest CPM possible.


Analytic of a run of site banner from the CultureOwl dashboard


How to Calculate CPM

If a banner ad cost $100 and received 10,000 impressions, then your CPM is $10.00. CultureOwl offers real-time analytics and asset reporting on all assets. While analytics and data are very important, CPM isn't the only factor to consider. The quality of your creative content will affect how much attention your ad gets. A bland or cluttered ad that is not inviting will not get as many clicks as one with a striking image. Create professional content that looks clean and uncluttered. Use great images. Use little or no text embedded in your image; small fonts can be impossible to read. Rely on the fact that people will click with an old-fashioned flyer!

The golden rule of marketing

Being in front of the right person with the right message at the right time. CultureOwl positions you in front of the right people, we help you get the right message across, and the right time is when they are perusing through the platform deciding on where to go and what to do! Click on the link to see many other benefits of advertising with a CultureOwl membership.

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