Utilizing Technology as a Marketing Tool


Marketing tools have evolved over the years. From ads in newspapers, to direct mail, email marketing, digital advertising, and now social media platforms. The evolution of marketing has surely been driven by technology, especially in the last several decades. 

Today, marketing success is quantifiable. We can tell how well a campaign performed by how many people visited a site, clicked on an ad or purchased with a code. It’s built-in to most platforms. Technology makes a marketer’s life easier than ever before.

Different technologies, whether it's social media, Google Analytics, or search engine optimization, are making it easier for organizations to achieve their goals. The best part of using technology as a marketing tool is that you can assume control of your marketing process. You can use your marketing budget to target only your desired demographics instead of wasting your budget on connecting with the wrong people. The highly targeted approach of today's technology is helping non-profit cultural organizations break all marketing boundaries and connect with vast audiences to grow their organization. Technology can offer quality data that helps you create a targeted marketing strategy and use your investment, to target your desired audience. This approach can help you sell tickets, increase attendance at events, and build new audiences.

Why do Cultural Non-Profits Need to Utilize High-Tech Marketing Tools?

Creating digital ads, social media posts, and emails are the marketing tools most organizations use today. Technology is the basis on which those campaigns are built, a far step from traditional print or broadcast advertisements.

Improved technology has elevated the marketing and advertising space. Technology has made it possible to connect and market your organization or special event to people across the globe. With breakthrough technology tools, funds that took years to collect can be accumulated in a few days. You can boost brand recognition and awareness by utilizing cutting-edge technologies to spread your message. Hence, the right use of technology can help you exceed your goals.

Using technology is key to successful marketing, but what does that mean? If you’re sending well-written emails, running social media ads, and updating your website regularly – does that constitute utilizing technology for marketing? Well, yes but there is so much more to it.

Technology Tools for Promoting Non-Profit Cultural Organizations

Here are some technologies that can help you to create a game-changing measurable marketing strategy:



In past years, a tremendous amount of marketing efforts have been focused on counting, questioning, and researching every aspect of consumer behavior so that companies can adjust their offerings and present their customers with what they want and what they are willing to spend money on. This was an involved process. Market research teams were engaged to go out and ask questions, quantify the answers, and provide solutions. Today, marketing analytics offers this information in real time. A marketer can determine what people want based on their online behavior. What they clicked on, where they prefer to shop, etc. There is no longer a need to ask questions. They are provided by analytics if the marketing campaign is set up properly.

Analytics helps you understand the success of each campaign. It offers conversion rates, cost per click, and ultimately cost per new customer. It can help you become a super-power of marketing - as knowledge is power! But most importantly, it enables you to develop a marketing strategy that will provide better results on your next campaign.

Analytics are great, right? With quantifiable data, you have the power of knowledge. But how do you utilize it? What does it all mean? CultureOwl enables you to analyze your marketing results in real-time. Analytics are built-in into our platform. We empower our members with performance analytics directly on their dashboard. 



SEO is an impressive tool that turns a simple website into a tool to connect with a larger audience. But how important is SEO? Is having a website and social presence not enough to engage with your audience? The search engine scans assess your entire website to decide whether it's relevant to what people are searching for. Web browsers check the titles, copy, images, and overall technology usage of a website to rank results. If the web browser determines your site is relevant and useful for users, they rank you higher on search engines.

So, having an optimized site is vital for non-profits to connect with a large audience. Knowing the importance of SEO for reaching large audiences and ranking for relevant terms, CultureOwl not only optimizes its entire platform but also converts all uploaded events to automatically optimize each entry. It adds the proper tags, indexes the titles, and presents web crawlers with clean and up-to-date code to make each event easy to find. Our members can capitalize on built-in optimization for each of their uploaded events on the CultureOwl platform.



Social media channels utilize the newest technology. Algorithms are written daily to quantify usage and learn about each user in depth. What they like to watch, who they associate with, what they are interested in, etc. Even who they are likely to vote for, but that’s for another day. The technology behind social media is a marketer’s dream. Since knowledge is power, what better way to gain power than utilizing social media for marketing purposes. The technology is built-in. You simply have to tap into it.

CultureOwl offers paid social media third-party services to its members. We understand the goals of cultural organizations and we know how to tap into social media to produce results. Social media marketing is offered as an extension to CultureOwl’s omnichannel marketing platform. It completes the circle, offering powerful tools for marketing arts, culture, and entertainment – and all at rates geared toward non-profit cultural organizations.

Cultural non-profits like theatres, museums, event and festival promoters, and others with limited marketing budgets don't need to compromise on their marketing. They can tap into CultureOwl's turn-key marketing platform that offers all the tools necessary in order to succeed in and achieve their marketing goals.

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