Our Story

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CultureOwl was born out of a basic need. Over a decade ago, a client came to what was then our parent company - a marketing agency - with a project to promote a cultural event. As a non-profit organization, their budget was limited and it was difficult to find the right media outlet that was affordable and targeted the right audience.

A light bulb went off! Being an agency with resources to create our own marketing tools, we created the first prototype of what is now the CultureOwl platform. Editorials and events were collected and featured on the site, a marketing campaign was launched and we were up and running.

After several years of running a basic informational site with an attached ongoing campaign, it became clear to us that the cost of maintaining the site would place its use out of the reach of most non-profit cultural organizations. Those who needed the most help were unable to afford it. Realizing the need for an effective promotional tool that is affordable to non-profit organizations, we went back to the drawing board. The solution would be a platform that would amplify reach and utilize collective purchasing power to afford professional campaigns on any budget and/or with limited staff.

We listened, we learned, and we began building a platform from scratch, implementing solutions for the concerns and challenges of these organizations - and CultureOwl emerged - a powerful marketing engine dedicated to promoting art, culture and entertainment! 

With Self-Publishing Memberships designed to keep costs down, the CultureOwl platform gives users control of marketing plan execution. Members can upload their cultural events, schedule email blasts (escoops) to a vast built-in cultural audience, and upload digital banner ads to multiple pages throughout the website. Genre-specific landing pages offer a more focused target audience who visit those pages to explore news and events based on their preferences.

Best of all, CultureOwl members don't need to worry about building audiences or budgeting for search engine optimization. They simply utilize this intuitive tool to effectively promote their events. Social media inclusion and paid campaigns are offered to CultureOwl members. And if an organization is short-staffed, managed accounts are available for a small added fee.

We are committed to providing robust, affordable marketing solutions to arts organizations and event promoters. We keep tabs on new marketing trends and ideas, update and upgrade the platform as technology evolves, and cultivate new and engaged audiences.

And the biggest reason we do this every day? Our true love for the arts and the desire to keep the arts alive and thriving in communities everywhere, and accessible to all who seek it!

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